Snipe Gamewear

1706 5th Ave
Arnold, PA 15068
(412) 423-5783

Snipe Gamewear is a leading provider of custom sports apparel, trusted by satisfied customers all over the United States and Canada. Find out how Snipe can upgrade your team’s look and put you into the uniforms of your dreams.


Ask us how we can help

  • Have an idea for a your look? Let us know what you are thinking and our talented art department can put together a mockup of the uniform of your dreams.
  • Explore our products. As we are a custom apparel manufacturer, we have the resources to do much more than is listed on our website. If you have a need for sublimated apparel that you don’t see, we can still probably help you out.
  • Want to complain about the President’s terrible referee skills? You are welcome to do it here, but he’s probably heard it in far worse terms on the rink.